New Hard Disc

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Man formating a 250GB drive takes awhile, I can't wait for my 400Gb drive to arrive now. When that does arrive I'll have 890GB of avaliable hard disc space, a little overkill maybe ??


A friend of mine has 1TB of storage. To me that is overkill but hey when you download every movie and song known to man that is a great thing to have. I have an older PC Builder mag that built a 1TB machine for alittle over 1000 bucks. Granted you cant play Doom3 or HL2 but still if you messed around with alot of large files that would be sweet.


Staff member
i have like 2 movies... the rest is music. and i've filled my
60gb primary
200gb secondary
160gb external

i'm looking to upgrade, but i got scammed from a bitch on honda-tech. :(