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I buying complete new exhaust for my si crx and I'm looking at the dc 4-2-1 header...good or bad idea. Is 290 good, its the lowest i found. In a few more monts im going to drop a d16z6 in it, can i use the same header with the swap?


I don't like DC sports at all. other's swear by them, but i think they are pieces of shit.
Stillen 4-1 owns

and yes, you can re-use it when you swap
stillen? stillen only cares about nissans dont they? i actually met mr. stillen (steve millen) when i put a sign up outside his shop here :) he looked at my rex and had no comment lol

heres my take on DC sports:

They have been around for awhile and made a name for themselves by producing great bolt-ons for hondas and acuras (headers, exhausts, intakes). the reason people equate them with crappy names like matrix, apc, etc. is because their other stuff is crappy. they just sell the other stuff to expand their product line and make more money, but their bolt-ons are still first rate.

$290 for the crx 4-2-1 (ceramic coated) is about what ive seen them for, but i live in socal, where they are based so it might be cheaper here. now if you are talking about the stainless steel...then its a very good price. those are usually around $350.


yeah it is a ceramic coated header. When I first got my car I met a lot of people trying to sell me parts and I ran into a guy and he was willing to sell me a s.s. dc header for 75$ but I lost his number and yeah. I live in so cali to so im just going to look a little harder. i noticed that my exhaust manifold is cracked slightly so i guess its time to buy a new one. is the 4-2-1 better than the 4-1 or vise a versa


Stillen has a small honda market as well.

IMO, DC sports is DEFNITELY a step above matrix/obx/apc, etc. but it's still not that great of quality.

For honda, I def say 4-1. Honda's make their power up top, why not utilize it more, instead of trying to get better mid range out of it.


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DC at least has some R/D behind their shit. I trust them personally.

4-2-1 to compensate for a lack of low-mid torque/power

4-1 to capitalize on high end honda power, as pissedoff said.