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hey i have a 95 civic ex coupe, its nice, hopefully i pass this test tomorrow to join up with the usaf, but from money i get from then in like two years if i'm stationed over here in the states i am planning on building my civic up ,everything, suspension ,brakes, wheels, everything, want to make a daily driver but killer racing looks, well anyway, i am thinking of doing a b18b turbo setup, i was wandering if anyone had a good site or has pictures of their setups, i plan on lower the compression before installing the engine, as replace pistons, rods, resleeving, don't really want to mess with the head gasket, if putting lower compressed pistons and all will help for running turbo alot safer and higher psi, i would like to know what you guys think and if you have pics of your set up and work on replacing pistons and rods i would love to see, i want to start learning before i get in the af, if i pass the test and my grade is good i'm planning on signing up with mechanical maintenance apprentice so i can work on engines and learn more about them, thanks guys for you help


by the time you spend that much money, you would of have a nice n/a setup B18C already. choose wisely.


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AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Where are the periods????

Seriously tho, why are you trying for a B16B (OBD 2) engine on an OBD I car? I don't think that anyone on this site (at least the ones who I've heard speak up) have done such a swap. If you are going to swap in different pistons, rods, resleeve the thing, and turboing it then why not start with the B16a3 or B18b/c1? These engines are OBD 1 and will save you a lot of headache with the wiring issues. Finally, if you are really planning on boosting a VTEC engine (B16s or B18B) then plan on swapping in some different cams as well, because you won't be using the full potential of VTEC with the boost until then.

Hope this helps.


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alright thanks guys, yea i was just seeing how i can save like 2grand on getting a engine when i can change the compression so i can run higher boost like on a compression like 8.5:1, and no 10.4:1 because that is high as it is, plus if you read Sport Compact Car the guy that hooked his girl friend up with the B18b turbo in the hatch ran a 11sec, to low 12 sec 1/4 so umm yea how about you read up on your shit and stop looking at the super street magazines and start reading the people that know what there talking about


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that is not what the normal people pay for an 11 second car. Please use periods, they are an invaluable tool of the english language.