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Hey im new to cars entirely.. just turned 18 and decided to buy my first car 1994 INTEGRA LS bone stock (so he says) haha... ive loved Integras since i was about 12 years old so i decided to buy an LS now before i get into mindless and unrational thoughts on how to spend my money for the car ive been reading a lot of these threads for info... so what i understand there are a couple of approaches ive seen that people take with the LS... either engine swap with type R... LS/Vtec... or what they call an all engine approach i guess that means keep original engine... so if you can post ur opininos please id very much appreciate it and im in no hurry to go make my integra into a fine piece of work... my understanding tho of the LS/Vtec is that it can be a very dependable engine but its not much faster than the GSR... and i find swapping my engine to a Tpe R engine not worth the money... also smog is a big thing here in CA so i know a lot of this might sound stupid and youre prolly thinking wow what a dumb kid haha but hey im here to LEARN so im open to every1's opinion

SO HELLO everyone my name is Frank and im proud to be an integra owner! and i hope to hear from u guys!


~mold me i am ur clay...


do what your wallet will allow. just remember always do your homework before you buy anything.

i say make the most of what you got. no sense buying a motor to replace a perfectly good one!!