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Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Matt. I drive a 04 Titan for my DD. My toys are a 90 civic with a DOHC ZC 327WHP, a 90 CRX drag car in the making shooting for 700HP with a B18C5, and our newest project is putting a 600 GSXR engine in our golf cart.
This is a great site. I have been searching on her for years it’s helped me out allot.
hers a few old pics. the car now has 15" rims. and this is the golf cart.


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    golf cart 002.jpg
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lmao you put rims on the golf cart.... normally i would have called you ghetto but that actually looks pretty good
haha thats a fun project. you should put a cage on it though.. damn.

<-- has flipped a few golf carts in his day

Interesting. are those the old headlights from your rex or just another set on the golf cart?

Reminds me of a turbo lawnmower that this one shop had in Baltimore.