New Mtn. Bike for me :)

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Bob Vila

So Robyne and I bought new Mtn. Bikes a few weeks ago, haven't had time to snap a few pics yet however, the pic below is my bike. So far I love it. Very comfortable, shock is great, frame is light, and the components are even better. I love the Hayes hydraulic F/R brakes as well :) Definately worth the $$ if you are an avid trail blazer...


Robyne's Bike isn't as spec'd out as mine since she is really just starting to get into the sport. The only difference between the pic and her bike is that she doesn't have discs:


Between both bikes and the hookup I got from our local bike shop, we paid just over 1100 for both bikes :)

Bob Vila

Originally posted by pissedoffsol@May 20 2005, 08:26 AM
sweet. you get them from edge?
when we going riding? i gotta get my fat ass back out in the woods
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Whenever you want. Just not next busy at work. :) I bought a rack for the heep to so we can go wherever.

And yeah, I got them from edge, my cousin used to work there, and they remembered me from way back in the day, so they hooked me up :).


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sweet. lets go in the woods with the heep as far as we can go... get it stuck, then take th ebikes off and go the rest of the way :D


I just got a Specilized HardRock Sport a few months ago. The weather hasnt been really nice enough to go ride but its getting there pretty quick. Have fun and be safe with it!


Originally posted by Oscar Mayer@May 20 2005, 11:43 AM
We can head up to Nepaug :)
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Lets go 4wheeling up there one day, hopefully the trails are clear because I dont want to scratch my new truck.