New music for you guys to groove on

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Buck Futter
You are such a goddamned hippie...

We went into the studio about 2pm Monday, and I spent about 2 hours laying down the drums (with nothing else. No click track, no guitars, nothing.). Then we laid 8 guitar tracks, bass, and 2 vocal tracks. It's a really rough mix, the closest thing to 'effects' we used in the mixdown was the panning knob on the vocals and guitars, and BBE Sonic Maximizer in SoundForge to clean up the sound a bit.

Layered guitars are teh AWESOMENESS. Dunno if you knew, but on Pantera's stuff, Dimebag laid down something like 60 guitar tracks (of the same guitar part). Seriously. What you're hearing on the albums is him playing the same guitar part 60ish times. That's how he got the majority of his really really thick, crunchy sound. If we had more tracks, we could have done even more guitars. w00t!