New pics and exhaust

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First up are a few pictures I took up at a parking lot when I had the car washed up.





And next are pictures of the Greddy PE exhaust I got yesterday. It's 100x better sounding than the Magnaflow exhaust and has a good mandrel bent 2.5" piping all the way to the cat. When I jacked up my car, I noticed that the muffler shop hadn't done a complete catback on the old exhaust, they left stock piping about two feet after the cat. Plus, there wasn't even a gasket on the cat anymore. So good riddance to that waste of $250. Finally a quality exhaust that sounds nice and deep.



The back lip is off now. It got a crack when I was putting the new muffler on the hangers. I like how it is now. Just needs a little cleaning up.
I really like the large-chambered mufflers. Not only do they look aggressive but they sound a LOT better than your run-of-the-mill fartcan.