New pics of the car

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Put these on yesterday:


eibach sportlines and tokicos to the right

slightly better pic of the illuminas

front set up

Havent driven on the set up much but its a huge improvement over stock. I can actually floor it thru a turn in first now instead of just spinning the wholet time. Bout to go find out the best way to adjust the back illuminas. Now its just time for more boost :D ...
Nice upgrade man! Looks good, I am a huge fan of the black with chrome or polished lip. But it's not a Honda! But hey at least your a Honda fan! :thumbsup:
they beat a honda stock? which honda? a minivan because those arent that fast. looks good none the less but im not a fan of a chicks car.
Originally posted by CiViC_SOHC@Jun 29 2005, 04:37 PM
buddy ran a 15.7 in a 1.8t stock cept with some tired and rims and suspension...not bad for stock they beat a honda stock lol
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Yeah but when you really think about it, for a 1.8 motor thats turbocharged, that shit is slow! Not to rag on the VW's or anything, but a turbocharged 1.8 GSR motor thats stock except for the turbo would piss all over that VW. And I would hope that a $20k+ turbocharged vehicle would beat a stock Honda :roll:. But hey, a 15.7 isnt bad for a "stock" car.
they're highly detuned. A chip and a DV/BOV and not many stock cars are keeping up. A chip alone is worth 50 or so hp.
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Jun 29 2005, 08:11 PM
they're highly detuned. A chip and a DV/BOV and not many stock cars are keeping up. A chip alone is worth 50 or so hp.
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exactly, next mod is a 500 dollar chip, expecting about 195-200 to the wheels, up from 150 stock. 02 and newer ones can get 220 from a chip. They dont do shit from the factory for performance, the turbo is there for the torque curve, no honda is going to match that curve with out a good amount of work done.

yea, its a cute car, but I dont know many girls into hatchbacks, plus it was the closest thing I could get to an ek hatch, but now id never get an ek as a daily driver instead.

hate to say it, but after going euro, i doubt i'll ever see myself in a honda or acura even though im still a fan. I just want a k20a or a f20c in an exige.

thanks for the replys fellas
i know.

that odyssey hauls ass for a minivan.

That's something that deserves a nice SC sitting on top.
I've been taken out repeatedly by odyssey's, only in stock cars but still. When I make myself a little family. I'm getting one of those and SC it, so when the kids grow up I can haul ass or bring it to the track and embarrass some SOHC guys. joking.
not a veedub fan. except the corrado, that is a cool car. almost every girl i know either has a vw or wants a vw.
i have a luxurized VW :p

I think most girls think EG hatches are "cute". They also have some weird fetish for saturns. Besides the Audi my old saturn aided in getting some action.