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Hydrogen has been mostly a lot of empty promises. Look what happened to Nikola and Trevor Milton.

Not to say there isn't some use now. Our fleet of forklifts and material delivery tuggers are hydrogen powered.

John Barka

New Member
No one is really on board with Hydrogen cars. There are like what, 3 Hydrogen cars on the market from Toyota, Hyundai and Honda and they are all sold in California and there almost no infrastructure for refueling. Everyone is betting on Electric. It's kind of like the battle between the Kindle and Nook where Kindle is the Electric car and Nook is Hydrogen car and the Kindle won that battle. Or the Apple ipod vs the MS Zune player.

It seems like Hydrogen would be a better solution but it also seems like it cost way more to build than Electric technology. I had stock back in 2006 -2008 in a hydrogen company but it went belly up in the economic collapse of 2008. I really thought it was going to take off, it had so much promise. I remember this company had the world record for unmanned zero emission jet wing aircraft longest flight backed by NASA and the US Airforce. They had everything from rechargeable batteries, to generators, cars , trucking fleets, trains, to full on power plants. They even had little small scale kits you could buy for learning and teaching about hydrogen power you can teach in schools or self learn.

I don't know, I just don't see anywhere near the same push for Hydrogen as we do for Electric. And obviously Elon Musk trashed hydrogen tech. Anyway, maybe in the future I will get Toyota Mirai through these guys because I don't have enough money for it :)
Agree with your arguments but I thought that the fact that Toyota is exploring this technology means a lot.