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So my brother in law and I started a our own brand called Grit and Grind with the intent of using Amazon FBA to sell on Amazon. It's been 7 long painful frustrating months with me doing 90% of the work to get this up and running and its finally live on Amazon. Right now we have just two Tee Shirts but only 1 is actually up on Amazon at the moment, essentially because we just want to make sure were doing this right. It's our Trademarked Grit and Grind Logo shirt. The idea behind the brand is Apparel for the Hard working American and of course keeping it Made in the USA. We work with a small local company in Connecticut to source our gear and independent artists to make our ideas come to life.

If you like the shirt or simply just want to show some support, check out the link to the Amazon Page below. If you do buy, please make sure to leave a review, they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO important on Amazon.

Amazon product

Thanks guys.
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i would suggest adding more about the actual product itself.

Product description
About Grit and Grind: Grit /grit/ noun, Definition- courage and resolve; strength of character: Grind /ɡrīnd/ noun, Definition- hard dull work Welcome to the Grit and Grind. We are Scott and Mike, just two American guys who have a passion for the American Dream. But for most of us, that Dream comes with a little bit of Grit and Grind. We wanted to create a Brand that reflects the Grit that all of us have to achieve the American Dream, and the Grind we overcome to make it happen. If that sounds like you, come be part of the movement.

Heavy weight cotton? wicking? etc etc
looks good! little too 'murica for me. :p
Pretty dope!! Who is coming up with the designs and are you gonna have any sayings on the shirts?
Pretty dope!! Who is coming up with the designs and are you gonna have any sayings on the shirts?
we have another shirt printed up already but we didn't list it yet...we come up with the idea of the design and go to FIVRR to find a independent designer to draw it up.


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