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You guys should get some of those head rest mounted camera holders. Get two cameras one facing forward at an angle and one facing rear at an angle. That way you dont have to have somone sitting in the passenger seat too. Win Win for everyone. Your car weighs less and we get steady shots. WooT Still pretty sweet though I liked it.
I was working on Headrest mount but couldn't get it solid enough and every gear hit it would move. So I am going to order a couple from a dude I met at the SEMA show that says they will withstand the shock of hard shifts.
TITTIES!!!! lol they were blurry though :-( lol anyways nice videos man your civic pwns! I hope mine will be that fast lol I think I shift faster haha! but who knows we will never be able to race unless im out by you...wherever that is...that kid with the White Eclipse is kinda like not even 18 yet and I have a 16 second car lol--stock still working on it---its got some mods :-/
Originally posted by B16RacerN2NR@May 28 2005, 03:19 AM
that Talon seems slow to have 500WHP :blink: am i missing something?
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Probally just a high peak, or spike in the dyno. seems like they probally didnt even bother tuning the mid-band where the revs fall or something.
500hp is a Joke. He said is was going to put down 500whp. It put down 370whp.

And shift faster?. I would give $1000.00 if you think you could pull a better time in my car.
Originally posted by CarAudiophile@May 28 2005, 10:47 AM
500hp is a Joke. He said is was going to put down 500whp. It put down 370whp.

And shift faster?.  I would give $1000.00 if you think you could pull a better time in my car.
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I didn't mean it to offend you lol! was just joking around! but anyways I think I get paid today so imma get your dvd its 20 bucks for 1 dvd right? plus I have never used nitros cluless there! nor have I seen anyone use it lol people around here dont' mess with that shit unless its like a massive hooked up car...we know it burns shit up...Im not gonna get it with my turbo..can't risk blowing that
People create a mass hysteria about Nitrous being soooooo bad. Well alot of my friends run turbo cars and have alot more problems than me. Right now car is burning a little oil so seems I may have to tear it apart and find out why. Rings are going to be my guess but I will find out more. Reason I don't quick shift is on the bottle I do not want to mis shift.

But on all motor runs my foot never leaves the gas. Even to shift.

But yes 20 for 1 DVD. 90 Minutes long and awesome. Let me know what ya think of it
Originally posted by civicious@May 30 2005, 02:40 PM
Holy crap that guy's voice is annoying.
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if i was driving id BITCH slap that guy lol

and good thing that when the girls isnt covering her gut shes covering her face :D
Originally posted by CarAudiophile@May 31 2005, 11:03 AM
I guess ya just have to meet Stevie. He is a funny man. Plus when he is riding in the car beating the Eclipse, that Eclipse said " He could destroy the SRT8"..
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LoL ya maybe the White Eclipse could do that lol! I raced an eclipse this last weekend on the street and passed his ass doing at least 80---SLOW MOTHER FUCKER!!!