New suspension on the sol

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New Member
hey guys im redoin my suspension. what do you think about these.
give me some input if you got any. thanks

Skunk2 Sport Shocks +Coilovers Civic Del Sol CRX 92-95

Skunk2 Front+Rear Camber Kit Civic Del Sol 92-95 EG
NEW RELEASE- PRO SERIES PLUS! Adjustable +/- 4 Degrees!
i just got the skunk2 rear lcas put on my del sol yesterday. There lighter and seem to be made very well. I like them. I had some bad bushings in my old lcas and just found it better to buy new lcas.
you should be set up pretty nice if you pick that all that stuff up. it wont be the baddest autox setup or anything, but it should handle nice. the only thing ive heard is that the skunk2 coils are a little bouncy, but idk.... they should work well with the matched skunk2 shocks.
Hey thanks guys for the input. So if u are unsure of the skunk2 on being good war do u think would be a better set up. I am getting them by the end of this week so any input would be cool. Thanks once again guys and one other thing do u think this set up will handle my k20 I'm throwin in it