New swap, car cranks, but won't start

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*I copied my post from honda-tech and pasted it here. IT outlines my original post, and the colored text is what I have done since I originally posted this on honda tech

I just about two days finished a engine swap. I put a DOHC, black top, 1991, ZC engine into a 1988 Honda Civic DX. I did the DPFI to MPFI conversion, and obtained a 1988-89 acura integra distributor for the zc. I also got a PM6 ECU.

Now, I got everything hooked up, except for the CPS (EDIT: I just got done hooking up the CPS sensor, still not starting) and a few plugs, that I cannot find a spot for on the ZC engine. I know the car should start without the CPS. So I don't believe that is the problem. I checked the spark, and all 4 spark plugs are firing. I checked all my fuses nothing is blown. The battery is new, the spark plugs are new, and so are the spark plug wires. There are two vaccum hoses on the firewall, that I can't seem to connect anywhere, but it doesn't sound like its a compression issue. I know I'm getting fuel to the fuel rail. I can't figure out any other reason why it wouldn't start. The ECU is only throwing out one code, and that is for the CPS. Its code 9. (EDIT: With the CPS connected, the ECU is not throwing out a single code. The check engine light does not even stay on after the car goes from the on position.)

Any suggestions or ideas would be very helpful, I really need to get my car up and running, its my only mode of transportation, and I haven't been out of my apartment in over a month, since my stock DX motor took a crap on me. I live in Washington State, so it gets really cold here...but I don't think it would have anything to do with that, or maybe it does.

Also, any ideas on what you can use in place of starter fluid? WD-40? Gas? I don't have any way to buy any, and I'm thinking maybe it just needs an extra umph to start. EDIT: I just tried starter fluid that I got from my neighbor and to no avail it still wouldn't start.

EDIT: I did a compression test today and my results are not very good. 9note: this is on a cold engine because The car will not start)

Dry Test

#1 Cylinder: 91 psi
#2 Cylinder: Could not get a reading
#3 CYlinder: 91 PSI
#4 Cylinder: 90 psi

Wet Test

#1 cylinder: 100 psi
#2 cylinder: 105 psi
#3 cylinder: 110 psi
#4 cylinder: 105 psi

After I did the wet test, i tried starting the engine once more, and it actually almost fired up. Um, I noticed that since I have been trying to start the engine, there is a very small oil leak coming out of the bottom left side of the head from the front.

Any ideas where to go next?

Piston Seals?

EDIT: Changed the head gasket, cleaned the valves, piston rings look good. and there are no signs of cranks on the block or head. Still not starting. And still getting the same compression numbers

After letting it set over night, I went out, today while it warmer, and did another compression test, dry

Cylinder #1 100 psi
#2 120 psi
#3 120 psi
#4 100 psi

I don't know if the cold is affecting it or not. I'm going to redo the wiring for the dpfi-mpfi and see what happens.

Just adding, that the ECU does blink once when the car first goes into the On position but nothing after that.
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