New to this forum from Rochester, NY

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Hey all im new to this forum and thought i'd throw up some pictures of my Si. I will post everything I have done to it when I have some more free time. I'm currently planning a turbo build for this winter but have yet decided on where I am going to bring it, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Comments always welcome
ok well i tried throwing pictures on here and its not working and im getting pissed, so here is a link if you want to check them out. The S2k is my mothers and the Trans Am is for when I feel the need for raw power, its good for low 12 second passes. anyways here's the link:
Welcome to HONDASWAP......
Glad to see someone from Rochester here.....Im from Buffalo...

Have FUN!

OH and by the way.... :linksucks:
Originally posted by greddysiracing@Jul 13 2005, 09:47 AM
OK I fixed the link so pictures are up..........hopefully. Any good shops in Buffalo?
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Beautiful car..I love the wheels....
How long you've been in Buffalo?