New to turbo getting ready for the install

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Currently I have a 91 crx with a b16 running pretty much stock. I ran into a good deal and picked up a turbo kit from a friend that was piecing one together for a simular motor and decided to sell the car before he did the install.

Before getting this turbo I had picked up a mustang fuel pump (from a 88 5.0) since I was running a 50 shot and a friend of mine had done the same thing with some good results and they dont cost too much.

Question I had was does anyone know how much lph these things push and if this would be enough for my current goals? starting out im only trying to run about 6psi
my motor is stock and im gonna be using a t3/t4 setup stock injectors fmu/missing link type deal till later on when I decide to go farther with it and do it right with some engine management and what not.

Current goal is to just get the turbo on and the engine running decent with low boost safetly.Later I would like to see if I can get around 225-250 whp out of it (if its not possible right away) maybe down the road I'll rebuild and go nuts but it is a daily driver
for now (I have a spare car tho).


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fmu & mising link? NO! :bash:

for the same price, you can get your pr3 socketed, and DL turboedit, install some dsm 450cc injectors, and have a complete engine management solution ready to get tuned up.

not only will you make a dickload more power, you will be much safer.

pump? i have no idea.
walbro 255lph intanks are like 85 bucks shipped. i'd def. sugest using that.
actually my ecu is already socketed and i have a "burn1" chip burner on order with 2 reburnable eproms but for now main reason was to get my stock pr3 program since when i removed the stock chip it was damaged (was using a mugen program up untill now). I had planned on getting the ostrict or atleast thier dattalogging thing but I didnt think I would need it till I decided to go for more boost and engine rebuild and I wanted to learn more so I could make minor adjustments myself (if its safely possible).

I have already downloaded turbo edit and been reading up on it but I dont know enough to get a good starting setup to get my car running and I'm still trying to understand how my stock map sensor will read the boost with that setup and what all is envolved so I'm still looking for a trustworthy tuner in my area.

I'm still reading into the turbo edit stuff and I'm the type of person who could learn it but I'm still in the discovery phase of it. I already had an fmu since thats what my friend was going to use but I dont mind selling it.

I'm getting close to understanding how you modify the stock program and been playing around with it. If you guys know someone that already has a good program for a b16 with low boost let me know.
well looking deeper into it for now it looks like the only programs that allow adjustment for boost are for the non vtec motors (pm6). Altho you can import some of the values to make one of these programs work and even add vtec funtion it wont show high and low cam fuel/ignition profiles like the stock program. For now if you download a stock program (pr3) all the boost options are greyed out so changes cannot be made for boost. Going to look deeper but looks like there isnt much support for the vtec obd0 motors yet.
K I understand how the map sensor reads boost with these DIY setups and how they work and I left a post with to see if any of the users there have answers but from the looks of it even tho there are values for a pr3 avail the only programs that have boost adjustability are non vtec till someone does something about that. With the stock pr3 program as it is right now all boost options are greyed out but you do have adjustablility for vtec engagement rev limits ect just all the N/A features you would expect but no boost options. For the Pm6 ecu there are some impressive features avail if they work the way they say but that does me no good right now.
well found my answers if anyone else reading was curious too has the info on it and basically the pr3 had 4 maps cause the vtec point can float so there is overlap in the maps between the high and low cam profiles. Using a pm6 (88-91crx/civic si ecu) you can set your vtec points then "splice" the map since vtec is set at a certain rpm and will not move there is no need for more than 2 maps.