New Year's Resolutions Again

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It's only stupid if it doesn't work
Maybe a little early in the month, but just thought of it.

My overall general goal is to improve the way I live. All these goals will help though.

1) Put down the hooch. I've been attempting to control my drinking for years, I've just decided that I need to stop. Nothing terrible happened, but with my stomach condition it seems every hangover is worse than the one before it. Will also help me get my 6 pack back. I mean I stopped for 5 months with no change in diet and no exercise and lost 20 lbs. Then started again and it came right back.

2) Get involved with more outdoorsy things. I want to start wake boarding, kite boarding, get back into rock climbing... basically become a genital herpes commercial without the genital herpes.

3)Volunteer again. I use to volunteer hours of time every week. I don't do any anymore. Maybe this will help me meet a normal girl as well. (going off the SuperBad, "You don't want to meet a girl in a bar" theory)

4)Work my current job to get out of debt, bank some dough, and find a new one. This may take longer than a year if I decide to go back to school part-time, but my current employer will pay for it so win/win.

Kind of overhauling a good deal of my life, but it will make me a much happy person overall.

So what are your guys plans?

- absolutely not eating at a fast food joint for a year (or getting carry out or delivery). if i find myself in a situation with friends and fast food, it has to be water for me unless there's a healthy salad not laden with shite available. i've decided fast food america is killing my hips and ass - this will be my experiment to see if i'm right.

- doing something not involving a car that moves my body 10 miles a week. again, to reclaim the hips and ass from fast food america. 520 miles of self-propelled action should make a big diff.

- getting back into swimming laps; used to in college and i always felt like i left any stress in the water and came out feeling great.

- finding and buying a carry piece, and a coupla long guns and ammo -- and getting my carry permits (i'm going multi-state since i'm pretty nomadic). this one before obama changes the game, hopefully.
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For 2009, I got to:

1. quit smoking
2. quit drinking too much, a drink here and there ok...but lately I've been pounding out corona lights like 6-10 a's hurting the wallet a little, and I've gained a decent amount of weight.
3. Lose 50 pounds
4. Get CRX on the road.
5. Get Datsun on the road.
6. Get a real boat.
7. Make more money.
8. Rebuild interior of the house.
9. Spend more time with the wife and dog.
10. stop making stupid new year resolutions.
1. Go back to school to pursue my masters in business management, finance, or something else in this realm. Potentially pursue a Ph. D after I complete this goal.

2. As always, maintain a healthy lifestyle. I went gungho on the diet for the past week and would like to continue this for the next month and see how my ultimate change will look. I still eat healthy, its just I've had a lot more moments where I let myself cheat then when I was in college.

3. Curb the boozing on the weekends. The bar bills at these yuppie places that we go out to in the city and hoboken and such are enough to make most people blush. The money could be better spent elsewhere or saved and its destroying my goal #2, plus making it incredibly difficult to meet a normal girl.

4. Meet a nice girl and settle down. I know I can't make this happen or force this to happen but I need to start looking other places to find girls that interest me. I've been emotionally dead for six months now and physically dead for going on nine weeks now, I want to feel again and have someone with which I can share.

5. Move out. Obviously this will help with goal 4 and will also help myself maintain the healthy diet I had when I was living in my house at college.

6. Receive another promotion by year's end.

7. Hit six figures for 2010.
Last year I quit drinking soda. It last until last summer, and now I drink soda with alcohol on occasion.

New resolution.

Cut simple carbs.
Get a job and get out of debt.
Create financial stability.
Beach bod... :)

Im down from 270 (2 years ago) to a muscular 205. I am trying to hit 180 in 6 months. Its possible but I am going to have to cut out all carbs, and cut back on drinking even more. Currently I drink a beer or 2 at home almost every night, and somewhat excessivly on the weekends.

Also, master dealing with difficult girls. I know it will take alot, but all i ever come accross is confusing god damn women.
Get back in school
Run a five or six CNC mill, or maybe a nice lathe for pay
Get my car on the strip twice a month
With these everything else will just about fall into place
Get back in school
Run a five or six axis CNC mill, or maybe a nice lathe for pay
Get my car on the strip twice a month
With these everything else will just about fall into place
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I can't make any because then I will break last years resolution of not to make a new years resolution.
-drop down to 180lbs
-get a pt job to pay off debt & save money
-get back to my studies
-participate in more sports groups
-get a gf

All this hopefully before I deploy.
my 1 goal for 2009 is to find a girl who isnt retarded. that's it.
1: Finish off my diet and get cut. This year I dropped from 257 to 210. I'd like to be 220 and decently built. I have a decent muscle base to work with but still need to cut more fat and gain more muscle mass. I haven't seen my 6 pack since high school.

2: Continue the kick ass life I am currently living.

3: Finish off the last of my debt. I'm almost out, and am on the home stretch to being 100% debt free.
1. Already lost almost 30 pounds and opened up my mind A LOT...:ph34r:

2. So I guess I'm with phyre and say finish up the last of our debt and buy a new house that does not require being a plumber at midnight just so you can take a shower ...long story.:mad:
these are my plans for 09
1. start living a healthy life.
2. no more tokin' it up.
3. quit wrecking hondas.
1) Continue spending most of my free time with my kids. (It's gonna be hard considering the career field i'm about to enter :()

2) Get in decent enough shape to complete the California Department of Correction Physical Abilities test.

3) Make at least 70k for the year. Although, with how short handed Corrections Officers are, I could hit 125k with all the overtime they offer.

4) Swap an M3 motor into my 318is.

5) Start my 500+ Horsepower build. (Using a B16 :ph34r: :D)

6) Start doing Muay Thai again and possibly start rolling in Jiu Jitsu.

7) Save at least 6k each for my kids and 6k into my savings.

8) Get my credit score to at least 720 :ph34r: I got a 658 right now so we'll see what happens :)