Newbe with my free 02 Si hatch, swap questions?

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What's up everyone. I was recently given a spotless silver 02 Si and a pile of parts to go with it. As of now it has ground control suspension, JDM headlights and tails, dc sports full exhaust and header, weapon r cold air, 17" Tenzo R's and a full system with alpine hu and 10" type r's, diamond audio components, and phoenix gold amps. Here's the catch, under the hood, lets just say I call it my Japanese puzzle. The car was supposedly taken apart at a dealer to replace the clutch when they figured out the tranny had a bent input shaft or something along those lines and he was told he needed a tranny. So all torn down it got thrown on a trailer and hauled to his house where its been sitting for almost three years now. He did acquire a pretty heavily modded rsx type s 6 speed from a guy up here that runs a 10sec rsx, I've got that, a stage 3 clutchmasters clutch kit and a lightweight racing flywheel as well. Now supposedly the motor RAN good but its been sitting all this time with no intake or exhaust, not ran ect so I really don't know for sure although it does seem to turn fairly easy and has rags shoved in all the holes. What would my options be if this thing doesn't wanna live again in its near present state? Swap wise, what would be faster, or cheaper to make fast? I'd like to try and keep that 6 speed if possible. Also do I need different axles or what else possibly might I need that I haven't mentioned yet? Is there a good place to find good pictures and illustrations of what this thing is suppose to look like under there to make it a little easier for me? Since I didn't tear it down it's a little harder for me, especially figuring out nuts, bolts ect that most likely I'm probably missing most of them :) Thanks in advance for any help/ideas you may contribute
There are some minor mods required to make the 6 speed transmission work in the EP chassis- look up a swap guide by Hybrid Garage from a few years back.
I'm working on getting the all data catalog printed up for it from a buddy. Do the Si's five speed axles work in the Acura 6 Speed? What about electronics? Computers different?