Newbie Question?

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I am a newbie here, my first post.

I already own a subaru RS-T to which i have done a lot of work.

I came accross a 92 vx for a very reasonable price ($2000) with 120k mi.

no rust, no dents, the thing is mint.

my question is: is it worth it?

knowing that, i would like to build a lightweight autoX car, my power goals are around 130hp, but most of the work is gonna go into handling.

thanks for any feedback.

moderators, i apologyze if i posted in the wrong section, please move to correct one if needed.

thank you

Yea, it will be moved. But i'm not mod :)


That is a good price, here in Oklahoma, the VX's are around 3k with more miles on it. If its 5-speed than i say get it.

You want to buid an autox car? I would deff swap to a b-series. So with a b-series, any vtec b-series is more then 130hp.

Many ppl here autox and i am sure they can give you a better insight then i can on that subject.
The 92-95 vx is a very viable vehicle for any set up.At $2000 that is a good price,I paid 3500 for mine but it was really nice.Also the vx is very light,running along side the cx in weight,but has the added benefit of a vtec engine so vtce swaps are simplified even more. :D