Newbie With A New Project.

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hey guys, I new to and I'm thinking about getting a project car for fun and for learning experiance. This is my plan so far, I havn't started yet but I want to catch all the holes before I start spending money.

I want to get a 88 CRX Si (I love the style) and swap in a 88-89 Integra engine (I hear it's important to swap a same year or newer engine). I hear it's almost the same as a JDM ZC but with slightly milder cams. (I would go with a real JDM ZC but I think the integra engine might be a little easier and cheaper to get) Also I hear that it will bolt right to the stock Si tranny, is this true? what else will I need to make this swap possable, and cheap?

Also what is the diference between the 86-97 integra engine and the 88-89 engine? I see some 1st gen integras around with a DOHC emblem and some with out, were some SOHC?

thanks in advance.
Woooo dude, dont talk about the 88-89 integra engine unless u have a 1st gen CRX. it's a worthless engine to start, and will provide alot more problems than a ZC or b18a swap. so 1st off 88 is a good choice same body as mine:). are u getting Si?, if u are then the ZC will bolt right up and b the easiest swap uve ever done. its like taking out the engine. then putting it back in with the integra ecu. simple as that. but forget the 88-89 integra engine. it might b cheaper. but its cheaper for a reason. its a worthless engine. if u want move power, go ZC or B18a, they are the 2 cheapest swaps and easiest. Vtec gets a lil harder. but ZC as i said is easy. i am just about to do another b18a swap into my car. ive done 1 already then the engine died. i got the WHOLE CAR with 180,000 kms for 1200 canadian. thats like 800 american. im swapping seats brakes and engine over. other than that i bought mounts for 450. the whole engine swap is running me around 1800, with new spark plugs and wires, good oil and new headgasget. which is really low price for a swap. I will get about 130 whp or so with I/E. and after header hopefully around 140 if im lucky. if u want a list of how to do it Hassport so check it out. other than that, i suggest going ZC or b18a. dont go above 91 integra b/c it gets alot harder, 92-93 are OBD1 and 94++ are hydro trans. Trust me if u wanna good swap that has good power for cheap, get the ZC. if u want a lil more pricey swap but alot of torque and the endless "B series" mods, go b18a. but dont go for the old integra engine, you will regret ur decision if u do.
The 88 teg motor will not work unless you make some modification to the teg transmission mount because the stock si transmission won't bolt up
right belive me i learned the hard way they are not worth the trouble
go with the zc or the b18a if you want the cheap way out . B18a is my pick because you can do the Vtec head swap later on.
so ZC is the way to go? I would go b18a but I like the fact that I can use the Si tranny with the ZC, to make the swap easier and cheapier. I want my first swap I want to be a cake walk. So where can I find a good deal on a ZC?
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 18 2003, 12:56 PM
def ZC

That's the best swap for your money on the Si, and it's really cheap too.