Nice Hatch!

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Retired OG
times are kinda dissapointing... 9.3 in the 8th :( . that ain't soo great for a crvtec turbo setup. but it's probably like he said.. cuz of the stock suspension and crappy tires.

2 litre EG

Senior Member
i thought i had a clean vision, heavy grasp, good understanding [whatever you wanna call it] of a sleepr but SHIT!!!!!!! stock height, skinny ass tires, but whoa! big boy motor in baby boy car!

but i would still want some good suspension on it, cause that fender gap is way too much for me :p


I'm just about that action Boss.
omg....100% sleeper. I bet he rips the shit out of cars all day long and their jaw just drops...76 mph in the 1/8th is damn good for no suspension mods.


Senior Member
my car will almost hit that in the quarter