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does anybody have any nickname stories they'd like to tell? theres got to be some good ones from high school or jr high :D

in jr high (7th-9th where i went) we had to shower after gym class. well this guy, not in my class, supposedly got a boner in the shower. atfer this his nickname became Boner Baines :lol:
wood shop.. jr high.. this girl, gina sch.... or somethin, got her index finger caught in the chain that has the chuck on it, i dont know WTF but somehow managed to drill half of it off :eek: oops. anyway she became gina 9 point 5 due to only having 9 and a half fingers.

well i know theres more but thats all i can remember right now.. anybody got some good stories? do tell :D


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I have finally shed my nicknames, and I will NOT stoke the fires of those memories.

I do remember I called a girl "Crispy". Her name was Christy, then one day she lit her hairspray on fire while enjoying a cigarrette.

-> Steve

Welcome to Marlboro country.


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somewhere durring my youth my friends got really fucking lazy and decided that a 2 syllable name (Eric) was just way too fucking long
thus i was reduced to 1 letter (E)
pretty much everyone that knows me calls me "E" now
friends parrents even call me "E"
my mom has called me "E" a few times

i would not be supprised at all if some people that know me dont even know what the hell the "E" stands for


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i would not be supprised at all if some people that know me dont even know what the hell the "E" stands for

I knew right off the bat because of everyone calling B...B. :)

One day my brother called my friend Mark Markis, and it stuck. His parents, friends, family, and coworkers all call him Markis.

I used to work with Mark and his older brother Matt at Arby's... One day out of nowhere Mark called Matt "yube-dube" .....and it just stuck. I have no idea what it meant, but it just sounded funny...

A little while later when a few new people where hired, this one guy just started calling Mark Marvelous Markis.

Another friend of mine is called One Nut sometimes...I shouldn't have to explain why.

Other than that, I don't really have any nicknames...well, anything worth while hanging onto.

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slobo.. short for my last name, slobodianuk...

have a friend we call cream puff.. he has a really light complexsion(however you spell it) basically white hair, and is round... hence the name..

have another buddy we call droopy, basically because he has some droopy ass fucking titties(and kinda looks like droopy the dog)

another guy we call diggler.. sounds like dirk diggler, and it just fits him..

yet anotehr we call scrotum, his last name is sgro (pronounced like crow, with an s in front, scrow)

another guy we call the big skinny, as he's like 6'4 and wieghs next to nothing..

another we call wendy, his name's dave thomas.. you get the point...

few others i can't remember but i'll ponder the thought for a while..


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back in high school for PE my friend had to wear some fuckin butt hugger PE shorts so everyone called him Tight Shorts...he is also known as Free Food Guy and Ultimate Messed up Guy.

Another one of my buddies from high school we call Yodeling Murl, pretty much cause if he saw you from way across the quad he would have a conversation with you by yelling across the quad.

high school was the shit. I'd go back in a heart beat.


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<------I had to bring aircraft into and out of a hanger to work on them, so after a while I got good, I can jocky an aircraft I was an aircraft Airjockie....I liked it B)


one of my friends is know as nuts... cause he's fucking crazy...

i earned the name sloth in college... basically cause i did no school work...


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I am known as "swanny" or "swan" because of my last name (swanson)
One of my roomates is lighter complected with white hair and hes called pinky, powder, albino, etc, otherwise most of my friends go by their last names.


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<--Otter , my fraternity nickname for two reasons

1. I got butt naked in front of a lot of people and went swimming in the ocean
and I was bobbing up and down like an otter, too drunk

2. My personality resembles that of otter from the movie animal house

name was given, not picked


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<---Potter. Its my last name.

I have a friend that we call FlavaBeans. Because he loves taco bell and he freestyles all the time.

Another highschool friend of mine, a girl, I called Stubble. We went to a waterpark one day and she had armpit stubble. HEHE.

I have more but lunch for school is over and I'm late.



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reminds me of that scene from Old School, when the dean walks in and vince vaughn says,,," oh yeah....cheeeeeeezzzzzeee .....................didn't we lock you in that dumpster"



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9th grade = Little B
10th-12th = Crazy B
My girlfriend got lazy and decided to call me B. All my friends caught on and ince the end of 12th, it's been B'. Wow a whole freaking story.

We call my friend Derek, D-von, just becuase we can. He acts black too. ef9civicgen4 = Joely, dunno why, I guess cause he hates it.

I call my girlfriend Melisha, her name is Melissa. Yepp, kind of a boring life, doncha think?
I really dont have a nick name, although one guy called me The Brow because I used to have one eyebrow...... a.k.a. unibrow, but not anymore. I get 'em waxed fool!!

My buddy Nick is nicknamed MASH because of this shirt he used to wear a long time ago that was army colored but said MASH right on the front.

Another buddy named Elliot is called Q-Bert or Q, dont know why.... :shrug:

Another buddy named Robert, we call him Verk, dont know why either :shrug2:

We call another guy Peach, dont really know why....

I need a nickname.... :hmm:


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people have have been calling me "pods" for a long time- i dunno what is so difficult about Corie, but i guess they'd rather shorten my last name (podschelne) to pods
I played football at ASU. <- hey it paid for everything. All of the defensive linemen had nick's based on some horse from a movie. The def. line coach was a nut tunnel rat from vietnam and had a fixation with animals killing animals etc. Any how, most of us had an ok name, but when it came to me it was "Gerber". As in Gerber Baby. Yep because I had such a young face I missed out on Silver and other cool horse names, and was known as Gerber from then on.


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I was called "Naked Girl" for a little while during my freshman year of high school. Terrible. I was with a few friends of mine at this Battle of the Bands thing, and two of us thought it would be hysterical (for some reason that escapes me now <_< ) to get up on stage during this one band (we thought the lead singer, a junior, was cute or something) and flash the crowd. So... we went backstage... then ran to opposing sides of the stage... and WOOSH :eek: , up went our shirts. Then we switched places and did it again. I didn't expose everything but what I had on underneath was sort of this nude color. What's even worse is that someone caught it on camera the second time and my friend got in biiiiiiiig trouble with her parents. Needless to say that was the worst year of my liiiiiiiiiiiffe :lol: :ph34r:


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No fucking way. Gina got here finger lopped offf in Mr. Squires' shop class! Hellbent, did you go to Lakeridge in Bonney Lake? Gina is dating one of my good friends right now, Steve Eilerman.


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Originally posted by dohch22a4@Apr 6 2004, 02:06 PM
No fucking way. Gina got here finger lopped offf in Mr. Squires' shop class! Hellbent, did you go to Lakeridge in Bonney Lake? Gina is dating one of my good friends right now, Steve Eilerman.

LOL yeah i did! :lol: what a small world hehe. damn last time i heard she was with an old friend of a friend of mine jon mclain but that was like 4 years ago i think.

... yeah good 'ol mr squires :lol: he was always mixing booze with his coffee. he always used to say "im watchin you <_< " and give you this look from across the shop like you were fuckin somethin up.

EDIT: oh SHIT! dont tell gina about her NN. that was kinda behind her back :eek: and i dont think she knows about that. it was only a few of us that called her that anyway.