Nitrous ?

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ok guys its time for me to jump on the band wagon
i wanta to get on the bottle but confuse
most people i know say the motor will wear fast because nitrous is too vilent

some say its not dependable (the solenoids always brake /freeze up/ or not work all of a suddenly)

i would like some feed back from guys thats useing this
(i seen a crx with a ls motor on 80 shot direct port killy everypne !!!!)he clams he does 12.8s on track
12s with just direct port and a cheap ls motor !!!!
damn.. ive been wasteing my money....
its all about tuning.... and being rich.

bottles don't last long. 40/ a fill adds up fast. bill got 1-2 days of just messing around with it on a 55 shot, 10 lb bottle.
stock EG CX hatch. zex 55 shot.
hes about as fast as a d16z6, or si hatch now.... until the bottle runs out.
wildbillhatchbac is his S/n on here