NJ bans the Tesla

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How is that legal? so much for living in a free market society.

New Jersey. The state where you can't pump your own gas. And since that's a union gig, and teslas don't take gas, you can't buy one there.

And you're going to vote for fat ass Christie?????????

And wtf, even 'good' states..
New Jersey will join Colorado, Texas, Arizona and Virginia in this ban.
I think you might be channeling media with this title.

They didn't ban the sale of Tesla's. You just have to be willing to sell the cars to dealerships instead of directly. It's more like 'Elon Musk is fighting a battle he knew he was going to lose and blaming it on the states for not changing the rules for him'.

That being said, there's no shortage of Teslas in Austin and San Antonio. Something tells me that a state the size of NJ, people will just drive to NY or PA/MD to get a Tesla if they want one.
That's not the point.

the point is what right does the state have to say in which method I can sell a product to others?
Ok, you can take that same argument to booze or smokes, and yeah, it makes more sense to limit sales to certain clientele, but they don't say that only franchise owner-occupied convenience stores can't sell smokes.

Tesla cut the middle man.

Didn't apple do the same thing with their apple stores? How is that legal and this is not? By the same rule, you shouldn't be able to have an apple store, only a best buy/etc that sells apple products.
the product itself doesn't matter.

instead of bitching, why doesn't GM/etc decide to ditch their middle man model to catch up with the times too? at least not make it illegal! wtf. the tesla doesn't even have a competitor. The is no 80-100k electric vehicle out there that matches it in class/price/performance. it stands a lone. so why is anyone even bitching in the first place and making it illegal?
Because it's New Jersey.
Cause the VAT is coming.

The real reason for the law is Texas wants more money going to Texas based businesses. Or at least that was the selling point in the early 2000s when it passed here.

The truth is, that it does none of that. I'm just making an observation that most of these stories were called in by Musk after he got a product he could sell. I didn't hear him complaining when he just had the Roadster and only sold it out of CA.
You are forgetting that New Jersey is heavily regulated. We also can't sell cars on Sundays. Burgen County has blue laws that do not let any retail shops to be open on Sundays.

Gas stations and retail stores can't sell booze. To sell or serve booze, you need a liquor license. These are issued by the town and limited. They also can cost a million bucks depending on the town. And if all of the licenses are issued and the town doesn't want to issue additional licenses or can't. Well tough shit.

I agree its a bad situation and over regulated. Gas jobs are not union jobs - they are minimum wage jobs that were originally used to create jobs and boost employment. Stupid law there as well.
Well when this regulation came into effect in Texas it was all about keeping money in Texas and not shipping it out to the 'big businesses' in California. Except that Sonic (NC) and AutoNation (FL) own more than half the dealerships in Dallas.

It was a good lie when they told it.
NJ's roads are too shitty for Telsas anyway. You'd bottom out and have a real expensive fire ball in no time.
The roads are worse than ever right now. They were bad coming into this winter and they are so much worse. It's to the point that you have to be very careful and even pick different routes.
This is true. There's a state wide initiative to fix the pot holes because there are literally holes a foot deep and 6 feet long coming off of some on ramps or between the original seams in the asphalt.

Salt and condensation just continued to work it's way into the road and freeze and unfreeze. The towns and state went overkill on the salt since it was such a bad winter and that simply destroyed the roads.
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Yeah... the airline pilot even described turbulence as "potholes" in the air instead of just a bumpy ride...
That liquid salt seems to do a ton of damage.
I was thinking about this the other day. I have thoughts on this but wanted to ask.

Why wouldn't/hasn't Tesla just franchised in those markets? Isn't that a part of the goal as being an auto manufacturer?

I know its creates a surplus/inventory and that's one of the benefits of Tesla's market now, as the unit is made to order and decreases all of this. But at that, doesn't it put some stress on the supply chain and hurts their volume validation in forecasting and ordering parts. I'm not sure on their integration as vertical or horizontal, but I'd think using a group of franchises(dealers) in those areas it'd help to level some of their dips/peaks as they could move units and out of those areas.

I know Texas is big. And people like nice shit there, and they drive a lot. Seems like a great opportunity to increase sales even more when the time comes for more middle/lower end price points on their units.

And one of our marketing people has a Tesla. I parked next to it for a while everyday. So freaking nice. Haven't gotten to ride in one yet. I heard its unreal.