NJ is turning into cali....

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If this ever goes iinto effect, i'm moving to canada. this is out right absurd.

Pretty soon, bottled water will be banned too, but if it has a sport top-- and can be done hands free, it will be ok.

let's not make this a smoking thing--- because its not, in effect. its about the govt treating us like 3 year olds.

I'll tell you right now, that i can smoke a cig, talk on the phone, and not spill my coffee in my cup holder, while driving better and more aware than 98% of the people on the road.

shit, maybe they'll ban 5-speeds next... "oh, you can't take your hands off the wheel"

hey Fucktard politician-- want to put some blinders on me so i'm forced to look straight ahead too?

i hate this. it makes me so fucking angry.
i saw this on the local new a few days ago. Some dickweed said "Thats a good idea because smoke can get in your eyes while driving and cause a accident." I live with some of the most retarted people in the world. Its sad to say i live in NJ now.


Yeah im with B on this. I am a adult, I got my license to drive a car at 16. The law states that I can smoke cig's or cigars at 18. Both of which are my rights. I can choose to do these things. But for them to tell me that I cannot smoke a god damn cigarett in my own damn car is a bunch of crap. They should let us all be big kids and make our own choices. I dont really see this passing though because even if people do hate smoking if they smart they are going to realise that 5-speeds, drinking (fill in blank), eating ect. Will all be takin away as well. Give an inch espically to the government and they are gonna take the whole mile.
they need to stop banning the use of things and make the tests harder and more expensive.

the autobahn doesnt have less accidents because of things they banned. then again most german cars dont even have a cupholder because they dont eat or drink while driving. but back to the point, a license in germany and most of europe is alot harder to get and alo more expensive.

stop giving the guy who cant hold down job at mcdonalds a license. driving isnt a right and its not for everyone. some people are just too fucking incompetant.
The will ban smoking in public before they make it so you can't drive and smoke.

I wonder how many crashes were caused by some bitchy wife yelling at her husband.
NYC will probably be before NJ on any smoking ban, they'll ban smoking on the street soon, at least in Midtown Manhattan. I could defenitly see that happening.

I got pretty mad when they banned smoking in all restaurants and bars in NYC.
When I lived in Keene NH, it was "illegal" (In other words, you would get a speaking to - Not a ticket necessarily) to drive with a drink of anything. Beyond that, smoking was also categorized because they required two hands on the wheel at all times.

In connecticut, it is illegal to slow down for a stop, or for any reason, with the transmission out of gear. "No coasting" it says. You're supposed to slow down using braking and downshifting to match the speed.

But again "Illegal" doesn't mean you're going to get a ticket for riding the clutch.

-> Steve
It's also interesting to see how elected officials take their position as a chance to act out for personal agendas. This is NOT what an elected official does.

-> Steve
Try driving around in Vale, CO... Those fuckers will pull you over for picking your nose. They actually did it to my bro-in-law.. They said some shit about it being distracting and taking his attention away from driving..

He musta been digging for gold.

Then again, he looks like a baaaad man.. like a biker from hell.. They probably thought the car was stolen or he had a trunk full of bodies or something.. He is a really nice guy though!
I just read that debate.. Wow. That was one hell of an ass whipping that MCKEON got.. Carlson kicked his ass all over the place, then mopped up.