No Clutch Pressure - 95 Integra GS-R

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Ok somewhere while i was driving the car it messed up and idk how. When the car is off, i can pump the clutch and it has pressure, i hold the clutch in, turn on the car, and shift into first, and when i let go the clutch all the way, i loose all pressure and have to turn off the car to receive full pressure again. Weird thing is, if i don't let off the clutch all the way, i can use it. So i have no clue whats wrong. Can somone help Plz.
i checked fluids and i refilled the clutch fluid with proper fluids. i'm starting to think that there might be air in the system. would if be safe to bleed the clutch and just refill with new fluid?
yea you can bleed the clutch but i would say if that didnt help you might have to look into the slave cylinder maybe. but you do have a big problem on your hands lol sorry if my advice didnt help.
thing is, idk where the bolt to bleed the clutch is lol. i'll have to look it up. and whats the deal with the slave cylinder. info plz.
bled the clutch, and still messed up. i think i'll just replace clutch and all that. (flywheel, pressure plate, etc.)
Did you use a bleeder or did you just pump the pedal? If you just pump the pedal and don't use a vacuum bleeder it doesn't always work (actually it doesn't work most of the time) to get the air out. The vacuum one will everytime.

Don't throw parts and it and hope you fix it. You'll just end up wasting money you don't need to.
pumped the pedal but did it for awhile. do you think that its the problem. that there is air? because if i dont let go the clutch all the way, i can use it no problem. but once i let go the clutch there is little pressure and can't go into gear.
Use the vacuum dude. way better. probably air thats what i though right away. put some air in your brake lines it does the same shit sorta =)