no compression

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i drive a 90 crx si wit a first gen b16a. my cars been dead for a while already but im still not sure wuts wrong with it.i had my compression checked and my motor had no compression. wut could dis mean?


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sounds like your rings are SHOT!! ... maybe you dont even have pistons left ... i mean NO compression.... now that takes talent


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Odd as this may sound...your VTEC might be stuck on the radical lobe... that happened to my cousin's civic EX about a month ago.

One day she went out there and the car just cranked really really fast...
i had replaced da starter n distributor because the distributor shaft was broken n i thought that was the problem but it turned out my compression was really low


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and i say again ... sounds like your rings are shot .... or like pissedoffsol said ... you could be doing something wrong


the OG
other possibilities. . ..
burnt valves
bent valves
broken t-belt
t-belt jumped time
broken cam or crank pulley key
broken cam
etc. . .