no longer a rex

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No under hood pics = it's teh stock motor, y0.

And all that work, and it still has rear drums spray-painted red. And no center caps on the wheels. And a huge gap between the front of the hood and the bumper.

I liked the CRX. He molded the panels so that there werent any lines I think. I also liked the new head and tail lights. I do agree that he probably has no engine work and thats a big 10-4 on the rims, they dont stick out far enough. All that work and he skips a few details, thats gay.

The del sol I thought looked akward. I cant say it looked horrible, but Im not really into del sol's.
you know your probably dont see pics of the engine because there probably exist a conglomeration of brackets holding the front end together that would be most similar to a childs jungle gym
all these people spending money on making slow cars look like faster cars...what i wanna see is someone make a fast car look like a slow car(like built mustang svt converted to look lika a honda accord).