No More Civic

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well ladies and gentlemen i sold my civic a few days ago and went out and bought a 1998 honda prelude Sh ... its really bad ass. but i need some ideas on how to make it alittle more faster while staying NA. i am gonna purchase all the bolt ons when i got the money. but i want it to have like 250 horses at the crank and around 200 at the wheels so any ideas are welcomed
- lee
head packages (cams, springs, valves, retainers)
port n polish,
vtec controler (not sure if your's has vtec, i dont know much of anything about the prelude trims.) If you do have VTEC, from what i have heard the stock VTEC points suck.
Higher cp pistons

all of this will put you close and/or above but some of the above stuff is kinda expensive