No more S2K?

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probably best,like the crx inda thing,nothing could replace it and look/drive quite right,especially with how honda has been with the newer cars,it would be a cross between a 350z and mercedes clk, just ugly!!!
You know George, there was a magazine floating around here at work and it showed an S3000 with a v6 that may end up in it or something like that.
Times are tough and they are investing everything into their bread and butter: reliable, fuel efficient people movers. When the economy goes sour, companies are going to ditch low volume offerings. A civic that sells 200k units/year still needs the same amount of engineering/tooling development as an s2k that sells maybe 10k units. Its all about margins.

Plus, what looks better in the public's eye right now? A sports car, or an inexpensive fuel cell car for the masses?
I FOUND IT! Check out Road&Track's November 2008 issue. It shows the S3000 in it.
is this really surprising to anyone????
Honda's entire business plan since 2000 (when old man Honda died) has been to do away with anything exciting or interesting in their line up and transform everything they offer into some form of boxy or blobish blandness, and remove any hint of excitement from the act of driving

Honda is trying to capture the market on lame uninspiring cars that even grandparents find boring, from Toyota... and they are doing a damn good job of it :zzz:
You would think that Honda would continue on the idea and just put off on the production. I realize the economy is in the crapper, but it will turn around eventually. Canceling their designs and ideas instead of postponing them could mean someone else gets their share once things simmer down.

My .02.
I FOUND IT! Check out Road&Track's November 2008 issue. It shows the S3000 in it.

you know luis... theres been a thread on the s3k already.

But this sounds like honda. take our faster, better car that was giving great potential, and pull it off the lines. Then about 10 years down the road, we'll load you up with another car that looks fast and sleek, kinda is fast. sell it for a while. then pull it again. I see a cycle coming..

I was excited for the CR-Z... till.. I found its a hybrid, and only comes in one transmission. Auto. their not going to put anything out thats even worth the excitement. though there is good news. a couple of years down the road, S2k's will be like CRX's, some times easy to find, for cheap.
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wah wah wah, give it a year or two once things swing back around and you will see more and more good cars come out.

I'm just glad the GTR made it out before the chit hit the fan, it might have been pushed back if not.
Nah, I think Nissan would of still pushed the GTR out. Speaking of which, I saw one on the high way the other day, and my reaction was this:


I want one so badly. Stupid low income.
They will replace it don't worry. The car is a 10 year old design now. It's no longer at the top of its class.