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I put in my B16A first gen into 90 civic si hb it has CTR piston with rings and skunk 2,s springs and retainers for now,Everything is almost good execpt for these problems:first my distributor cap is move all the way forward to make the idle come down to 1,000 RPM and goes up to 1,500 once its warmed up and stays there i messed around with the air adjustting screw on the carb its screw in all the way and still idle 1,5000 rpm and once i run for more than 1 hour the IDLE starts to fluctuate up and down i know it might be the IAC or the FITC might. 2 ? is my power is not there i take it to 5,000 rpm and it seems to me like it not enough air or to much i still have the stock exhuast from catalyc to muffler i do have JDM headers 4-2-1...........PLease Help .......thanks



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sounds like you have vaccum leaks, also try running straight header maybe your cat is clogged up and causing too much back pressure.


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i would definately read my article on fixing an erratic idle.. found here or found by clicking the articles tab up top.

it has no power because you have some serious tuning issues.. i suggest a good fuel management and 2 hours of dyno time. do you have s2 cams?? what cam gears??


Found my problem it was the intake manifold gasket it was leaking water out and inside of the #4 cylinder next to the thermostat so i took it apart replaced the gasket new OEM and whala its all better now i feel power and torque not much torque but i guess thats normal IDLE is purrrfect about 700-800 rpm it does shake alittle but i guessing hasport mounts and missing the front one so that alright.........I did get this dumb error code on the ECU #17 the godamn VSS i guess im going to have to wait till i can get my ECU reprogramed to eliminate most of those pesky sensors like speed limiter oxygens, red line to my need ??????????? Do you know if by chip the ECU it will get rid of this VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR
"Thankz All" and remember to check your leaks ........ :thumbsup:
Oh just a dumb thing happened to me on my way home i installed intake gasket at work and put it all together anyway i was driving home hard and was getting gas smell strong to and i thougt wheres it coming from oh well i said check it when i get home shure enough it was #3 fuel injector leaking like crazy....WOW luckly i dint catch fire freakin rubber gasket need replacing heheheh .......