No vtec oil pressure switch

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New Member
i was out looking on my accord with the f22b1 and there is no vtec oil pressure switch. my new solenoid i just bought has a pressure switch plug yet theres no way to plug it in...anyway to bypass it or will it work without it?
well if it didn't have the pressure switch to begin with, it's not going to be looking for one. i can't imagine why the one you have now has a switch where as the stock one did not, but so long as it looks right and bolts up properly just use it and ignore the pressure switch. the ecu didn't have a pressure switch input before, and it still wont afterwards lol.
alright ive just heard of people by passing them or soldering the lines and what not but if i dont need it then that works too lol thanks for the help
i had a similar issue with my jdm b16. some of the jdm engines don't come with a pressure switch and the jdm ecu just doesn't look for it, that's why it can run without throwin up a code