Non.vtec To Vtec

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i own a f22b sohc nonvtec motor . i want to make it vtec . i just wanted to know is that if all i have to do is put a f22b sohc vtec head on my block ?! with that do i also have to modify or change out anything else like distributor cap, timing belt, cams, etc. ?! would i run into any problems with this swap ?! also i was wondering . how much would the vtec head cost about ?! thanks .
Well, it's like you said before, if you want to swap the HEAD, you need all the head components. Cams, distributor, cam gears, timing belt, etc. You'll also need a VTEC water pump if they're different from the non-VTEC (I know the Integras are set up this way). You'll also need to run an external oil line like the ls/vtec conversion. You'll need a VTEC computer as well.

Make sure you want to do this swap. It will most likely net you around 10 hp and 1 or 2 foot pounds of torque. It's probably not worth it for the amount you're going to spend. You might be better off saving to boost the non-VTEC engine you have now.
hey i have a f22 vtec motor with 108,000 miles on it. it is usdm and its in my accord right now but i would be willing to sell the whole motor and trans for $600 that way there you willhave all the stuff you need. and otherwise you can just swap the whole motor and keep your non vtec to biuld a turbo setup with or something. or you could sell it...anyway dont matter but get back to me if you are interested