Non Vtec to Vtech Head Swap

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Have 98 Dx Civic Non Vtec D16Y7 Putting on 96Ex D16Y8 Vtec SOHC head.

Heard that Timing Belts may have to be changed, What is the Deal with the timing belts.

I am girl needing info, Thanks
since you are taking off your head, it is always a good choice to put a new timing belt on, plus i am not sure but the timing belt may be a diffrent size when you go and swap heads, someone correct me if i am wrong. Also on manual hondas, if the timing belt breaks, you will have to rebuild the engine, because the valve will stay open and the pistons will hit them and bend a valve or break the piston, conection rod or what not. Just change the timing belt, it is cheap insurance. The honda oem ones are like 50 if not less, and the aftermarket brands are even less.
not sure about the D16Y7 with D16Y8 head but with the D15B7 / D16Z6 swap i just did i needed the belt that matched the head .... id say start with that if it doesnt fit try the one for the block
Are there any other major problems that I could run into? Will the head bolt on directly, I have intake,fuel rail,and ECU:complete top end motor as far as that goes.

Thanks for advice. I live in very small town where few know what they are really taking about.
i know for mine it was a direct bolt on deal ... there was a little oil pressure valve thing on the block that had to be removed ( just pull it out with some needle nose pliers ) other than that you look like your all set i'll try to find some info on that exact setup for you though
What about the oil squirters for the pistons? I know the non-VTEC motors lack those. Has anyone heard of their pistons getting scorched?
your talkin B series stuff this D series .. pretty sure the D doesnt have the oil squirters