NooB too swaps....goin from F22a1- H22a4 Hopefully!

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ok so i have a 93 lude s model with f22a1 that has manual M2L5 trans...and i can buy a h22a4 for $500 out of a 00 lude....what all do i need to complete this swap? im getting a long block with alt/ac has an auto ill find a trans and from my research the T2W4 is the best? im not sure which ecu to get...i'll get one free w the h22a4 however it has a auto trans(im sure i could rewire w enough research) but probably easier to just buy one? ...but some say P13 others say p28? I am pretty sure my f22a1 is obd1 and assuming the h22a4 is obd2 is there a conversion for this?.... also the f22a1 is non vtec where as the h22a4 is dohc vtec. So when it comes to wiring harness (this i've never done) do i pull the wires from the ecu all the way to the engine???
sorry first time on a forum and thanks for any help i get!
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My best advice is to take the wiring harness from your F22a1, mock it up to the H22a4, and figure out which plugs are different. Any OBD1 VTEC ecu with a chip and tune will get the job done, P28s are pretty common and easy to get ahold of. The nice thing is that a model of 4th gen Prelude came with a H22 variant so all the factory support for the swap is already there.
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Reactions: tab google and maybe 5 seconds :) its a pretty straight forward swap as far as installing, post pics of the car !
when you don't know the right terminology its not a 5 min google search i have been searching for 3 days....i also went through and read threads and discussions and i understand some aspects better now. Sorry i did the immediate noob panic post....but i'm limited on time to figure this out and pony up the cash...again i'm new and haven't had time to post pics yet..(still learning this forum stuff too) However thank you both for your help and the link much luv.
So far this is what i have 93 s model with f22a1 non vtec and M2L5 trans....i'm getting h22a4 engine etc $500 and found a m2s4 trans for $150....and plan to get the p28 ecu....when i pull the h22A4 I intend to pull the harness just not sure where it disconnects in the 00 prelude its coming out of (never pulled a harness) aside from this am i missing anything? o yeah i can get the obd1-obd2 conversion kit they sale online to solve that issue or is it more than that?
Youre good man im just giving you shit ,GENERALLY speaking though these 20+year old swaps are covered from the moon and back, the harnesses arent interchangeable, @Xanatos is our prelude/accord guy he is best bet on info
Yeah your easiest way out is to just take whatever plugs you need from the H22 harness and put them on the F22 harness. You ultimately want to run the H22 off of the F22 harness, if that makes sense. Stay OBD1, OBD1 is your friend. Its actually a good thing. Post up some pics for real though, I have a 96 Prelude S, and I love the 4th gens.
Again THANK YOU and shit shall be taken :p i do plan to post pics but i dont have all the parts yet i have to go pull the engine friday (hope i don't forget any wires lol) and sunday i will pick up the after that i will get pics! Nice to know the prelude GOD is by my side!! And yes Xanatos that does make sense!! I always wanted a prelude. Do you know where to get the bottom trim for the rear window? No one seems to make them any more that i've been able to find...
Sorry guys, life's rollercoaster took me for a ride... I'm back on the project just waiting for dinne pratt's to get here. Hoping to post some pics soon. Quick question on this wiring stuff.. can I get an obd2 to obd1 conversion kit? Would that save a bunch of hassle or wiring in vtec etc.? Because it's been about 6 months since this was going tho happen... my research stopped. Do I have to switch fuel rails and injectors from my 93' f22a1 onto the 00' h22a4..I may have gotten confused on a sure because I found a pretty detailed swap guide but they were swapping into an accord.