Noobie cyclist, want to join the club

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Well, I am looking to start cycling. I am only going to do this as a hobby, not compeditively, so I don't really need that good of a bike. Up in the UP, we have alot of fun hilly, twisty roads, and I need something to keep my fat ass in shape, plus my roomate next year is really into cycling.

Anyways I am looking for a good entry level bike. I have looked at the Trek 1000, along with a few specialized, raleighing, Giant, ect. I am only looking to spend around 600 at most. I want a bike that has a decent frame, so if I do start to get into it, I can at least up to better componets. What I have seen is the diffrence between the base bikes and other still aluminum higher quality bikes is the delrailer, and a few other little things. All the ones I have looked at so far already have a Carbon fork.

What would you guys recomend. keep in mind my budget. About me, I am 160-170lbs (hopefully will get back down 150 by the end of this summer), 5'11", and the size that I was looking at and felt kinda natural to ride was the 56cm frame.

Read cyclist as ROAD BIKE


I my self have a Specialized Moutain Bike. I love this bike, my dad has had his for about 20 years so they make quaility bikes. Ill ask my dad what company his old road bike was, he did the StP (Seattle to Portland). I found that bikes are just like Cars, there is good entry level (Honda) then there is the uber sweet bikes (East Coast Downhiller) Make sure you start shaving your legs so you dont get infections :p haha

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Originally posted by civicious@May 18 2005, 05:12 AM
Form Equals Function: Sportbikes are Not Beginner Bikes

It is interesting to point out that only one manufacturer, Suzuki, explicitly states in their promotional material that their GSX-R family of sportbikes are intended for experienced riders. This also applies to several of their larger, more powerful machines (such as a GSX-1300R Hayabusa). If Suzuki issues such a warning for its top-flight sport machines, it is reasonable to say that the same warning would apply equally to similar machines from other manufacturers.
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Last time I checked a Road Bike wasn't powered by anything other than legs and arms...

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My dad is really into Biking. He has an old Bianchi that he's had since the 70's (Steel frame, pretty heavy) but also has a newer bike. I'll look up the brand, but I know it was $1500+ base price, and he has upgraded components in it. I think the company makes cheaper bikes tho, so I'll find the name.


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well, what are you looking for?

a "daily driver" type...
or a "weekend warrior" type...

daily driver, i'd go with one of those...

600 bucks... its hard to get anything useful for that price...

mid-range bikes are like 900-1200.

but really, i would never buy a bike off the net. go to a local bike store and sit on them. ride them. fall down when your foot gets stuck in the clipless :p


Yeah I am a big fan of actually going into a physical store when it comes time for buying stuff for my bike. Fitment is a huge thing to take into account as well.
Screw Treck and all those other American companies, if you want a good bike, look for names that arn't known to most consumers.

I read up in one of my dad's cyling magazines and here are the results.

-Specialized Allez - $750 -Good frame and handling, but has room for improvement for components and wheels. "One of, if not the best sub -$750 road bikes available"

-Claud Butler Roubaix - $600 - All arround, ver good bike "Quality carbon-forked budget bike"

-Decathalon Sport 7.1R - $400 Good frame and Equiptment, but could use better handling and wheels. "Easily the best sub-$500 bike we've tested"

So those are the results in the mag. If you want more info, you can check out "Cycling" Magazine April 05 issue.

Bob Vila

Why would someone want to purchase a bicycle that is not known to most consumers? Warranty work? Maintenance? Component replacements????
Screw Treck and all those other American companies, if you want a good bike, look for names that arn't known to most consumers.

they are specialty companies...

its like a serious rider going out and buying a huffy...

like most consumers have heard of APC, but most people on here would never buy from that company...


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trek's aren't a bad bike.

the better example would be buying a honda instead of a bmw.
not a geo metro instead of porsche caerra gt
shit, the 250 dollar walmart special isn't a bad bike if you don't abuse it.

I need to start riding again... I'd like to get myself back down to 180-190... i'm hitting 250 and it's the pits lemme tell ya.
"its a sledgehammer."

"oh... you got shocks....... and pegs...... you ever take it off any sweet jumps?"
Alright I have been racing road bikes for about 8 years now, and I can tell you almost anything you need to know.
In my opinion you need to spend about $1000 to 1500 to get something that you are going to be happy with. Get a bike with a Shimao Ultegra Group set, and at least 9 speed. Check out a Klein. Right now it is probably the best bike on the market, I just got a new one, a Q Pro XX with a full campy record groupo on it. It is so stiff and responsive. If you do not feel like shelling out for a Klein, look at what Specialized, Felt, Douglas (as in Douglas Aeronautical The Colorado Cyclist | Shop for Bicycles, Bike Parts and Accessories). I used to work for Specialized at their factory here in Morgan Hill, a bunch of good guys.
Trek is a big name brand, but nothing special unless you are going to shell out for the Madrone 5.9 which the Discovery Team rides, and in my opinion as a former owner of a Madrone the Klein Q Pro XX rocks the shit out of it. Take a look at Cannondale, Cervelo, Specialized, Klein, Lemond, Bianchi, Litespeed, and whatever local brand you can get.


I am fucking sick of the people who ride road bikes by my house. I live on a major route, which has some narrow corners. These road bikers hog the fucking road and are very inconsiderate. I have had a few close calls with oncoming traffic not to hit them and I have seen many other close calls. I really hate when traffic is moving somewhat slow and I have to move around the same biker 5-10 times.
Originally posted by Oscar Mayer@May 18 2005, 01:09 PM
Why would someone want to purchase a bicycle that is not known to most consumers? Warranty work? Maintenance? Component replacements????
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If you knew anything about bicycles you'd realize the lunacy of your statement. Maintenance is done by the owner (unless you're a COMPLETE pussy) and components are mostly universal.

As for the "Shimao Ultegras" I can attest that my dad says they are the shit. He has them on his Cervelo (sp?).
I am bidding on this, but for some reason I don't think I am going to win it, or even make the reserve with my high bid (maybe because the wheels alone cost more then I am willing to spend)

Ebay bike


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damn, thats a nice deal. thats easily a 2000 bike new...
just the campy record component group is 1300-1500..

well, they are on to 10-spd cassettes now, so call it 1200-1400...

add the frame, fork, wheels, seat, etc... and you got your self a bargain for any price. shit, if that sees 600 its still a good deal