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i wanna do a dry setup for my del sol s is it as easy as just gettin the bottle and hooking it up to the intake and then runnin all the other nessacary stuff i was thinking maybe a 50 or 60 shot what do you guys think? and also how much would a good system cost and about how long would it cost to install and how many runs could i make with the bottle
the best dry setup is zex IMHO... all of the solenoids are inside of the NMU (nitrous management unit). extremely easy to install... and as far as runs go, that depends on the HP Shot you run... the higher the shot the less uses you will get out of each bottle. look to spend $400 for a complete zex system. DO NOT PAY TO HAVE IT INSTALLED. anyone with two hands and a couple of common tools can do it.

What does this have to do with swapping a motor?
Originally posted by markiebredsol@Jan 27 2003, 12:10 PM
what  would happen  if i did 100 shot likeonce?

on your 106 HP base model del sol without serious fuel management... something like this:


well maybe not quite like this but you get the point.
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Here is the pic
its abotu thirty dollars to fill a ten pound bottle and lets say fro comedy sake you run a 100 shot by thery you should get about 18 seconds of nos out of your 10 pound bottl ehowever you dont want to run a houndred shot on your bone stock del sol i to agree that zex is the best for your money and your looking closer to 500 dollars to buy it however deals can be found. Also if you run a purge system you arent going to get 18 seconds for a houndred shot.