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We swapped a d16z6 into my friends hatch. Everything went great. Runs fine, got all the codes sorted out, VTEC is engaging. Only problem is that he's not able to hit the rev limit of his p28 which should be 7600 I believe. It falls short (according to the tach) at about 6800 or so. We first suspected the tach, but the tach seems to be showing the right vtec crossover point, so it seems to be accurate.

Any ideas?
Yes it does.

It _seems_ like it's hitting the rev limit, but not the right RPM according to what the tach says and what a p28 should rev to.
are you sure its a p28?
do you have proper oil pressure?
we're positive it's a p28 - as far as oil pressure, we haven't gauged that, but everything else seems to be running fine w/o throwing codes.

At first we were wondering if there was a difference between manual and automatic p28's, but we're pretty sure it's a manual and from some of the stuff I found on the web, the rev limits look to be the same.

if it was an auto- you WOULD be throwing a code for the auto tranny sensor thing... so if no codes, its a manual

i dunno - my guess is oil pressure, or the tach is way off...

cuz frankly, even though redline is 7200, mine bounces at 7600
for my own benefit and maybe otheres... What in the number says it's an auto or manual?