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I have an 89 crx hf and want to do a swap. I am really leaning toward the b16, but the zc is also an option. I am only considering the zc because it is about half the price of the b16 swap. I am confused about this though, a local performance shop said if I go with the zc I should go with sohc instead of dohc. I thought dohc would be better but they said parts for the sohc were easier to get. The car is a daily driver but I seriously need more power. There are some things that need to be done to the car soon, such as a new clutch, but was hoping to do the swap before the clutch goes out. I think the zc and the b16 are good choices, but was wondering about the sohc or dohc on the zc. The shop said there is only 1 hp difference in the sohc and dohc zc, any opinions would help. I am new to owning a Honda( have had a couple of Eclipse).
i say stay away from that shop. they don't know what they are talking about.
the dohc zc is a much better choice over the single cam.
that said, the b16 is a better choice than the ZC in terms of upgrades down the line. there is limited parts around for the zc- there is anything you could imagine for the b16.

if you plan on going further than just a swap and want to mod it more- get the b16.
if you are THAT on a budget, get the dohc zc.
Well, a zc to a B16a is a huge jump, id take the ZC over a SOHC Vtec anyday tho, it goes ZC-B18a-B16a. ZC is good performance on a budget B18a is good torque and cheap b16a is getting race ready but more expensive. In terms of price, think of a ZC as $1 a B18a as $1.5 and a b16a as $2, thats sorta how they relate to each other. heres the figures for the engines if ur to lazy to look em up

ZC = 130hp/102 trq
B18a = 142 hp/121 trq
B16a = 160 hp/111 trq

The reason i picked a B18a is b/c once u feel low RPM torque u will never change. u can always boost it or get vtec head. but u cant get the torque feeling from a b16a that u can a b18a. The ZC and B16a also rev good, the B18a cant rev worth shit but makes hella good low RPM torque, it all depends on what u want