Not Sure Which Motor In A 95 4 Dr Integra

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I can either go H23/Vtec because I have most of the parts alreadly and I like the prelude motors power. (My last car was a 93 prelude Si and I swapped in a jdm H22a, it ran beutiful.) Or I was thinkin just a built integra motor. I also have the ls motor out of the AC so I was thinkin to turbo that but I'm not really sure what to do. I want to turbo the ls but dont want to wait the extra time to save for a turbo.

I think if I go h23/Vtec then just turbo that later, that would be the best way to go. Any info on an H powered integra would help. (1/4 mile times, hp on an h23/vtec)


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How much do you want to spend? How much do you have to spend right now? And what kind of racing do you want to do with this car?