Not the best e-mail to get late at night.

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Chris, Eric, Jeff:

Below is a link to some video of the devastation in Gulfport.
Mom recognizes some of the streets and buildings, at least what is left of them. It seems all but certain that Lydia's home on the Gulf must have suffered severe damage. Nanna's home is only several blocks from the shore line, and news reports say that the surge made it to the CSX tracks. Mom says Nanna lives between the tracks and the Gulf. Power, water, land lines, and cell phones are out, so we haven't been able to reach anyone there yet. I saw a photo of a Gulfport water tower; it was no longer vertical, but lying on the ground.


Chris is my oldest brother, Eric is the middle, I am the youngest. Lydia is my aunt and Nanna is a givin.

They've always lived halfway across the US so we're (myself and them) are not all that close, but it's still family regardless. My mom goes out there often and spends a lot of time with both her mom and sister so I'm sure shes freaking out.

Guess we'll find out more in time.


Rest In Peace
I hope they faired good, and are all right....houses can be rebuilt...lives can't.


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If they headed to the evacuations, they would be fine. gulfport had an evac on it. I remember hearing it.

It's the die hards who are stuck on their roofs in NO that are the type who cause casualities...

if the gov asys get out-- get the fuck out. what are you waiting for?

anyone who stayed deserves a darwin award.

and more so, those who stayed are lucky it dropped to a cat 4 just before it hit.
if it was still a cat 5 and 175mph winds, NOTHING would be left.

at the very least, its free vacation time, so get out.

you know them more than us-- would they be the die-hard type and stick it out, or actually follow directions and leave.
There are some ghetto-ass ghettos in NO, some poeple have no means of transportation. Don't say "go to the Superdome", because that is now being evacuated.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Aug 31 2005, 03:18 PM
i'm sure jeffie's grandma isn't in the ghetto...
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My aunt and grandmother are middle class. I doubt they would have hung around if they did issue a GTFU warning.

Being that they are on my mom's side of the family we really are not all that close. It's my dads side that Im close with. Both grandma/grandad have passed already. =(