now thats a paint job

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fack, I bet that's expensive. You gotta get HUGE bragging rights to be an F1 painter. Damn. I bet those guys charge like 500 an hour for like a 40-hour job. Shite.


Screw the paintjob, I want my car's chassis to be carbon fiber!


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Originally posted by Citizen_Insane@Jul 12 2005, 10:32 AM
They paint it because sunlight weakens CF, even if you clear coat it.
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Not is just's nothing more than just sand that has been nuked so bad that it turned into carbon dust, then pressed and all kinds of shit and processes done to it....

it's the resin in the fiber that weakens...but not by much....

by the time that both the carbon fiber and the resins finally degrade enough to tell a different on any part that is produced from will have been 100's of years before anyone can tell....unless it's in a high stress environment and other harsh chemicals are in contact with it.

the blades on the S-92 are the first mass produced full composite blades for a large helicopter......while the older versions used a taitanium spar which had a service life of 2000 flight hours....the composite blade's spar is ment to have an indeffinate lifespan....

and just by saying that...your sitting here reading this like....uhmmm...ok...

in actuality...that's uber impressive...

cause if you can ever find a vid taken on the blade root of a runing'll see what forces are inacted upon it...and then when you think about it...I'm saying that it has an indefinate life'ed think I'm nuts..but I'm not....

and most helicopters and airplanes are exposed to the harshest of elements...UV rays, wind, sandstorms, sleet, rain, snow, and they sometimes will sit on flight feilds in the sun for months at a time.... and what do rotors do...they rotate very fast to create lift for a speeds nearly hitting Mach at the blade tips....and can you think of traveling that fast and hitting a june-bug??? Granted...the outer composites are going to wear down after time..but the spars are going to be safe...and are rebuildable at the repair stations..

But yeah...cheaply layed up CF parts for ricer cars with 90% resin will discentagrate after a few's just the quality of the production...and high mis-use of the owners...they should have painted it...but they want to show it off too much :lol:

I've been up for 24 I'm babbeling again...


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I know a guy designing and building custom supercars and they refuse to just clearcoat because it would weaken the body panels too much.