NYE plans?....

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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
So where is everyone planning to be on NYE when the ball drops?

I actually might have that night, and that weekend off... :D

I still haven't decided if I'll throw a small JDM garage party or not. But I do know that on Friday I'm going to Custy's. :p
Not much here, just hanging out at home since our 2nd daughter is due to arrive on Jan 19th. But it could really be any day now. So I need to be sober just in case
damn, i didn't know you guys were expecting again. congrats bud.

NYE, hopefully i won't be sick again. 3 years in a row now, i've been on my death bed NYE. :(
Friends are having a house party, decent places want like 60-80 bucks a head...f that shit.....house party FTW
home, doing nothing really special as always.
Have to find something. Been busying thinking of things to do for my 23rd on the 8th.
what kinda ticket you getting? gen admission?

Yeah. The open bar/gen. admission.

Everything else isn't worth the money unless you get a VIP table.

Came out to be $115 for the ticket. We bought ours two weeks ago, maybe.
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DaCheat, you coming to Jersey? Haha. Other than that, I doubt it. Maybe in AC, but still slim to none.
party at my house.. woot!!

quick little flyer i made to send to some friends on myspace
indeed... ive decided to throw a party myself.
last party we had was a hit, so i figure this should be too.. music loud as hell till 3:30am, heard clearly from the street.. luckily nobody lives across from me either, so plenty of parking and no complaints at all..