O2 Sensor

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i have a 92 civic cx and in swaping an integra lss engine. i wanted to know how to change the o2 sensors over because hasport says thats the only wire mod i have to performe, a 3 wire o2 to a 4 wire o2, please help
you need a 4-wire o2 sensor.
im 95% sure it plugs right in. simply buy one for a 94-95 teg ls, and it should plug right into your car's harness. can anyone confirm this?
I think the CX has a 3 wire, so you have to convert it's harness to accept the 4 wire sensor.
should plug right in, my cx o2 had 1 wire but maybe the 3 were inside the 1 wire i couldnt tell. i have a dx motor in there for the time being and the new o2 i think its 4 wire or 5 plugged right in and runs fine.
all 92-95 CX's have a 1 wire O2. The key difference between the 92 and the 93-95 CX is that the 92 was PREWIRED for a 4 wire O2. All 92 Hatchbacks are prewired with a 4 wire O2 in mind. If you have a 92 CX it will just plug in and work with a 94-95 LS motor.