Obd-0 To Obd1 Help

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i have 88 crx si with a pr3, ls conversion. I want a p28, so i made the jumper harness. and that i know is wired right. so here is the question: do i need a different distributor?? perhaps obd1 dist? I heard I can just rewire the dist. but i can't find any info on that.

asking the honda gods for help.... :worthy:
That is correct, you will have to use a OBD1 dizzy.

Your best bet is to use a PR3 or PW0 88-91 ecu. It will cost you less in the long run.
Their are 48 wires you need to mess with.

I think you need to add 14wires to make it Into OBD1!!!

Shit if confusing but you will have to loook into it before they make some sense you cant just say it without looking at the diagrams and compare it with what you have that will make more sense...

good luck.. :ph34r: