obd 0 to obd1?

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have a 91 hb si im putting in a 92 b18b need some info on the obd 0 to obd1 conversion
well, you can do this several ways.

one is to get a b18a obd0 distributor and use that...along with that ecu.

also, i question whether you have a b18b or b18a? do you have a hydro or cable transmission with that motor swap?

you could also get a wiring conversion harness and just use the obd1 ecu, obd1 distributor, etc.

do whatever is cheaper, figure on the difference in cost between the two options i've mentioned...then make a decision...also, make sure you have a cable transmission for that swap. seems like you should, but i thought only b18a's came with cable transmissions, while b18b's came with hydro's...am i right?..i'm too lazy to check my own notes.
Yes the B18B only had a hydro tranny while the B18A only had a cable. The B18A was produced in the 90-91 Integras and it is OBD0. That would be easier than converting your car or your engine.
my bad it is b18a got a crap load of parts will i lose any power usin obd 0 dist. and ecu? also can i use a 91 si dist thay look the same?
I am not sure about the OBD0 Distro, but with OBD1 distros you cannot use a single cam distributor on a dual cam motor.