Obd0 B16a into 92 hatch

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Well i know this site doesn't recommend doing a obd0 b16a swap into a 5th gen but i came across the motor with everything i needed for a hell of alot cheaper than a obd1 b16a2 would have cost. Anyway I was wondering if there was any type of swap guide available for this swap. Rathar it be on this site or another it doesn't matter. I've already got the motor in and everything i mainly need it for the wiring for putting a obd0 motor into a obd1 car. I just need to know where all the plugs go and which ones i need to splice and what not. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME I NEED THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldnt you use the P30 ecu that would plug in w/o mod and wire up the engine sensors as OBD-1. But then you would need OBD-1 dizzy, injectors, map, O2 sensor.(so what others say) On my brothers 90 HB D15B2 we swap in a 95 SOHC VTEC head and used the 98 Y8 IM on it and I wired up the OBD-2 injectors and dizzy on the head even though we had the cut the mounting holes a bit and used the OBD-0 MAP sensor on the firewall and sucker started up.


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In the long run you will have more money in this then if you go OBD 1 from the start.



basically, you're going to have to score a butt load of parts from the obd1 sir2 swap anyway. you're just going to end up spending more money on the sir1.

these guides are posted for a reason.

yes, the sir 1 is about 1000 cheaper than the sir2.
but you can't use the tranny, intermediate shaft, axels, the vss, the dizzy, the alt, the injectors, or the computer without a ton of extra work and even more parts.
in the end, you're going to spend more.

if you gotten it yet, cancel the order and get the sir2.
if you've already gotten it, i'd ebay it or try to sell it locally to a dude with an ef/crx.

otherwise, you're going to end up spending more on the parts to make it work.