OBD0 Fuel Injecters with OBD1 Conversion

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I have an 89 crx si, A 93 B18a1, a 93 pr4 ecu(manual), and 2 sets of OBD1 Injectors..

I've already got my 4 wire o2 sensor ready to be put into the obd0 to obd1 conversion harness i ordered...

I already have a distributor jumper harness from obd0 to 1...

My question is....

I've been doing some research on Peak & Hold OBD0 Injectors and I have found that the 90-91 B18a1 (OBD0) Has the same part number as the injectors for a 88-91 civic si / crx si, I did some reseach on them and they both flow 240cc, my question would be since they are the same part number and must be the same injectors, could i use the crx si obd0 injecters in the b18a1 with the resister box, if so why, and if not, why.


all obd0 civic and teg injectors are peak/hold. just leave the resistor box in it.
or, if you want to use the obd1 injectors, un-wire the resistor box.

peak hold = use resistor box
sat = don't use.

doesn't matter what ecu... this is how they work.