OBD0 to OBD1 fan switch wiring

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obd-0 to obd-1 jumper right

ok if you are going from your odb-0 side of the jumper the ecu pin is B-4and on the obd-1 side it is A-12 yellow and green :) i hope this helps


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sorry i forgot about that

i am running a z6 thremo housing and i just added that plug and it had the right lengthen it :)


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I'm extending the fan switch plug from a D16A6 to a D16Z6 and the wiring diagrams aren't being much help.

There are two wires, a black and a yellow/green. I'm pretty sure that the black wire is the ground and the other wire goes to the ECU. Which part of the OBD1 fan switch does each wire go to? I'm orientating the fan switch so that the clip for the plug sits on top, so that one wire is on top of the other. Right now I have the black wire going to the top and the yellow/green going to the bottom. Yes, no? This is my last step before dropping the motor in tomorrow.
it is just a switch - you can connect the wires either way - normally the switch is open and when temp gets to certain point it closes the switch to complete the circuit and turn the fan on

here is wiring diagram: