Obd0 To Obd2

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The car I have is an obd0(1991 acura integra rs).The motor im getting (ITR) comes with a full uncut wiring harness, which is obd2. So could I just swap the wiring harness and not have change anything? If that is possible it sounds like much less of a hassle, then going and trying to convert everything to obd1 and trying to find obd1 ecu, distributer, etc...
tha's a nice motor that you have, but i think tha's its a hassle to do all that stuff. i dont think you can just swap out the harness's even if they're both tegs. i'm not even sure if they have kits where you can go from obd0 to obd2. i know they have kits for obd2-obd1, but not sure the other way around.
Do you no of anyone that would know if i could just swap the harnesses? I know of someone that can make an obd0 to obd2 harness.
I can do this for you

I will need both your original engine harness and the engine harness from the obd2 engine
are you going to use the obd2 ecu?

leave me email and I will give you a price, please tell me everything that you are going to use in the swap.